About The Unchosen Fork

After months of huddling in corners at kids’ parties talking to each other about their experiences with illness,  Sarah convinced Kelly to take it to the mics in 2021 and share their stories with those who need it most when they need it most.

They started The Unchosen Fork. Grounded in science and authenticity, The Unchosen Fork podcast uncovers all the undiscussed and dismissed topics about a path of Illness that no one ever intended to be on. Using the medium of a podcast, the Unchosen Fork seeks for those dealing with devastating diagnoses to find their people for support, community, and purpose.

Our Hosts


Kelly is excited to share the information she has learned through her family’s quest to beat the odds against brain cancer. 

Over four years ago, when her husband and Kelly were beginning her family, they learned he had a rare, inoperable brain tumor. Kelly threw herself into reading and incorporating ways to support traditional treatment.  

For Kelly, this research and implementation gave some control back during a time when she had none. Kelly has implemented many of these practices into her own life to become more healthy and prevent the chance of cancer for herself.  She hopes that some positivity is born from her family’s unexpected journey.

Discover Kelly’s Blog at hopeandnourishment.com.


Sarah lived 44 years of her life not knowing what cassava flour was.  Now, as she lives with Hashimoto’s Encephalitis, she spends many days figuring out how she can use it to create a pasta that tastes like her grandmother’s. 

Living with a chronic and debilitating illness is certainly not what she planned. However, it now allows her to do the two things that she loves best: talking and helping others.

The rest of her time is spent working in the Technology fields, coding away, and with her husband, son, and two dogs enjoying the southern weather.